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Business Solutions

Whether you are looking to automate and manage your business modules (accounting, finance, sales, marketing, manufacturing, customer service, etc…) or to streamline your processes across your entire organization, our Business Solutions unit can help you with our team of experienced analysts, software architects and project managers.

With extensive experience in C#, VB, ASP.NET as well as other open source platforms and development frameworks, our developers can either help by customizing and adapting existing business solutions or by building a complete solution from the ground-up for your own specific needs.

Besides, with our in-depth SharePoint and MS CRM knowledge, we can help you build custom document management, workflow and portal solutions, sales and marketing campaigns, support procedures etc… whether on-premises or in the Cloud.

In addition to core business solutions, our development team has a broad experience in systems integration to provide value-added solutions for the cloud in the form of custom cloud control panels to manage service catalogs, subscriptions, automated provisioning, workflow orchestration, reporting and billing (to name a few).

  • e.Gov solution

    It’s a full-fledged automated solution for governments. The objective of the solution is to digitize the internal work of the government entity and to increase its efficiencies and transparency vis-à-vis the citizens.
    The citizens can now check and pay their dues, submit and track their forms online, report any suggestions and complaints etc…
    The solution works in SaaS model where licenses are paid per user per month in addition to a yearly maintenance and support fee.
    The main benefit is the automation of the internal workflows and to connect citizens and facilitate payments.
    It provides the management as well with a Data Analytics dashboard offering a 360 degrees overview about all the internal procedures and allows setting and monitoring KPIs.
    In a nutshell, the following are the main features:

    • Automate all the processes through defined workflows
    • Archive all documents and inquiries
    • Allows citizens to apply for forms and permits on-line
    • Allows citizens to pay their dues on-line
    • Provide live update of the forms current status
    • Provide visibility over the efficiency and speed of the operations
    • Integrate with third party applications

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  • Insurance Claim Management

    This solution provides UBER experience for car insurance policy holders. It consists of a Mobile App, a back-end platform and a data analytics dashboard.
    The mobile App allows end-users to report their accident in real-time and to check on Google maps the routing of the services he asks (Police, expert, tow-truck etc..). It is used as well by the services to receive notification from the insurance holder.
    The Dashboard is used by the insurance company and it provides real-time status of the current car accidents in addition to customizable data analytical reports including performance measurement.
    In addition, this solution allows to up-sell and cross-sell existing customers through publishing latest offers and at the same time it increases collection with an easy Online payment facility.

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  • Wealth Management

    It’s a solution intended to be used by financial institutions or private banks. It collects financial data for customers across the world and processes it to present it in a very comprehensive manner in a dashboard accessible by the company and the customers. It provides current financial situation for customers by country and by category. It allows customers to take better decisions and companies to give better advices.

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